You know how some people are dog people and some aren’t?  Well, we are definitely dog people.  We have been around dogs all of our lives and adore dogs and their different personalities.  They are so much more straightforward than humans sometimes!

I feel very lucky that, after years of working in an office, I have been able to change career and set up a business doing something I love.  No more stuck in an office 9 – 5, my days are now spent outdoors and I’m not afraid of a bit of rain or inclement weather; what is it they say, “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothing!”.

We know that all dogs have their own brilliant personalities and, before we start to look after your dog, I’ll meet with you and them to really understand your dog – that means we can tailor the walks or care to suit them.  It’s important that we get to know your dog.  After all, they will be treated as one of the family while they’re with us, receiving lots of cuddles, chat, company and perhaps even a bit of my singing!



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Roxy was our family dog for 12 years. A blue and tan (mainly black colouring instead of the usual brown) Border Terrier with a fabulous gentle nature, a firm favourite with her friends she met out walking. On her first birthday she held a birthday party in Jenners Field, Lingfield and invited all her doggie friends! We set out a picnic blanket with some fizzy drinks for the mum’s and lots of doggie treats for Roxy’s friends – as we sat waiting, across the park Roxy’s friends starting to arrive – more fizzy treats were sent for and all the doggie’s had such a lovely play and afternoon feed! Roxy was truly spoilt with lots of lovely gifts – those doggie’s remained life long friends.

She was always there for us – no matter how good or bad a day we had had, she would welcome us home with a wag in her tail.

Roxy had her special space on the sofa and if any visitors dared to sit on or near her space she would jump up and weedle her way in, then put her paws against the arm of the sofa and push her body into the unsuspecting visitor to move them out of her space!


First thing in the morning she would be settled in her bed and when we came downstairs you could hear her tail thudding against the floor and she would wait snuggled in her bed wagging her tail until you knelt down and gave her a cuddle, she purred like a cat with joy!

She listened to countless tales of teenage heartbreak, had a try of dinners that had been a bit overcooked (ok burnt!) and chased the hoover round the house relentlessly!

Roxy came to all my football coaching and match outings, joining in with the boys with their fitness training and pre match warm ups. Such a good girl though as she would sit and watch during the match, unless the ref was getting it wrong and she would be known to bark! She enjoyed the matches and came with me whatever the weather. She was up for charging round the fields or wondering through the woods whatever the weather – particularly liking to play in the snow!

She loved us and we loved her unconditionally. We still miss her …