First of all I hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas and a happy new year to you all.

December was  the wettest month this year – well it felt like it if it wasn’t.  The last day I was working before Christmas (Friday 20th December) saw floods around Lingfield, making it impossible to get through to the outlaying villages, I tried all routes and was met with waters across the roads that had cars and vans stuck in them.  Pictured is Ebony sporting her Christmas jumper which I am sure you will agree she looks fab in.


I am hoping that January will give us some dry weather so that the fields can recover and we can start to enjoy some mud free walks again!!  Thank you to everyone for your patience with your muddy doggies returning.


I am well rested after a two week break and looking forward to seeing all my fabulous doggies again on Monday – they can expect lots of kisses and cuddles!