October certainly saw the end of the summer!!  We have had some wild weather, in the picture a tree that fell down in the wind at the park in Lingfield with Monty surveying the damage!  I managed to bash my head on it whilst trying to bend under it on my way into the park with my doggies! 

October has also seen some new dogs in our merry band, so welcome to Barnie, Bailey and Mylo.  Thank you to all my Mum’s and Dad’s for your patience with muddy dogs returning, we do our best to dry them off in the wet and muddy season. 

None of the doggies seem to mind the wind, rain and mud though and I was hoping the rain might help me shrink a little – nothing so far!  

Thank you again to all my customers both new and established for your continued custom.

Let’s enjoy the run up to Christmas!!!

Thank you